GHS Construction Compliance Package

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About This Course:
Created specifically to assist facilities in complying with the employee training requirements of OSHA's newly adopted GHS regulations, these products discuss the Globally Harmonized System for the Classification and Labeling of Chemicals.

This package includes the following three programs:

  • Introduction to GHS (The Globally Harmonized System) For Construction Workers

    Learn what the Globally Harmonized System is all about, why OSHA adopted the GHS, and the phase-in dates for implementing the GHS. Topics covered in the program include:

    • What is the Globally Harmonized System?
    • Why Did OSHA adopt the GHS?
    • Hazard classification
    • The "Safety Data Sheet"
    • Container labeling (text elements)
    • Container labeling (pictograms)
    • Information and training
    • GHS "phase in" dates

  • GHS Safety Data Sheets In Construction Environments

    Review the composition of GHS Safety Data Sheets, the information that's contained in each section and how SDS's are different from Material Safety Data Sheets. Topics covered in the program include:

    • Material Safety Data Sheets and GHS SDS's
    • Materials and their hazards
    • Hazardous materials emergencies
    • Handling hazardous materials

  • GHS Container Labeling In Construction Environments

    "GHS Container Labeling" discusses the six types of information contained on a GHS label, and the differences between GHS labels and other types of chemical hazard labels. Topics covered in the program include:

    • How the GHS changes chemical hazard labeling
    • GHS labels' text elements
    • GHS labels' pictograms
    • Training and phase-in dates

The DVD versions of these programs are divided into 2-3 minute "chapters", so the programs can be shown in their entirety in a single session, or individual chapters can be used as the basis for a number of 10-15 minute "Tailgate Meetings" or "Toolbox Talks".

GHS Construction Compliance Package
Price: $895.00
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