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Form W-9: Payee Identification And Tax Determination

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This live webinar will provide information about the purpose of the form and when it should be obtained. You will learn who can complete Form W-9 for U.S. persons, and if the payee is a foreign person, that Form W-8 is necessary.

In addition, this live webinar will provide valuable information regarding the backup withholding requirements if the W-9 information is not obtained and the risk to your company if backup withholding is not performed.


W-9 Summary
  • What Is the Form W-9?
  • What Is the Primary Purpose of Form W-9?
  • Is a Form W-9 Mandatory?
  • Who Should Complete Form W-9?
  • Definition of U.S. Citizen, U.S. Resident Alien and U.S. Nonresident Alien
  • Disregarded Entity, How to Complete Form W-9?
  • E-Services Online TIN Matching Program
  • Backup Withholding Name/TIN Mismatch or No TIN
  • Electronic W-9 Process
  • Brief Overview of B-Notice Process
Form W-8 Series
  • What Is the Form W-8BEN, or W-8ECI, W-8IMY, W-8EXP?
  • Instructions for Requestor of W-8BEN
  • What Is the Purpose of Form W-8?
  • Who Should Complete Form W-8?
  • Definition of Foreign Person or Nonresident Alien
  • What Is U.S. Sourced Income?
  • U.S. Nonresident Withholding
  • Back-up Withholding
  • Reporting to U.S. Nonresidents on Form 1042-S

Mary H. Angelbeck
  • Member of Ernst & Young’s National Employment Tax Group
  • Enrolled agent with the IRS
  • More than 30 years of experience in the field of taxation, both as a state administrator and as a consultant
  • Practice includes managing large payroll restructuring projects; payroll tax advisory services related to mergers and acquisitions; providing year-end federal, multistate, and local payroll tax advisory services; payroll related federal, state and local tax controversy and federal as well as state and local information reporting (1099 and 1042-S) issues
  • Speaker for the American Payroll Association, the New York University Annual Institute on State and Local Taxation, the Federation of Tax Administrators, the Tax Executives Institute, the Counsel on State Taxation and the Pennsylvania Institute of CPAs
  • Currently a member of the Pennsylvania Institute of CPAs, the American Bar Association, Employment Tax Section and an active member of the American Payroll Association
Form W-9: Payee Identification And Tax Determination
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