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FMLA Certifications: Stay Compliant And Avoid Legal Missteps With Medical Leave Certifications

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For many HR professionals, FMLA regulations can be a daunting compliance requirement to wrap their head around. But the Department of Labor (DOL) regulations related to medical certifications under the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) not only help employers avoid legal pitfalls, they also enable employers to better detect and address FMLA fraud and abuse.

Join us for a webinar that will take a deep dive into the various FMLA certification forms and the regulations that address certification requirements. Our presenter, a seasoned employment attorney, will cover various tools, tips, and tricks built into the DOL's regulations-tools that employers can use to ensure employees (and their doctors) provide the information needed to evaluate the need for leave.

You'll learn do's and don'ts of handling FMLA leave and the paperwork involved when a request for medical leave arises.What You'll Learn:
  • Proper FMLA administration requirements regarding the various forms of notification and certification
  • When you should provide employees with a certification form
  • Employer rights when an employee fails to provide a timely certification to substantiate the need for leave
  • What to do if the certification from an employee's healthcare provider is incomplete or insufficient
  • How to handle situations when an employee's leave usage exceeds the amount or frequency of leave certified by his/her health care provider
  • How to handle situations when you doubt the authenticity of an employee's certification
  • What to do when you simply don't understand the information contained within a certification
  • Under what circumstances you can and should seek recertification
  • How to handle situations where the certification provided by an employee indicates that another accommodation besides leave is needed
  • What you may do if you receive information that an employee is engaging in activities that are inconsistent with his/her certification
  • And much more!
FMLA Certifications: Stay Compliant And Avoid Legal Missteps With Medical Leave Certifications
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