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Fall Protection: Tips For Complying With OSHA And ANSI Z359

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Having an effective fall protection program is vital to ongoing safety success.

ANSI Z359 is a national voluntary consensus fall protection equipment standard for general industry. According to many safety experts, it is benchmark standard that has used in many fall protection programs, including references by OSHA.

Currently, OSHA is considering revisions for the fall protection systems standard that is likely to draw heavily from the Z359 consensus standard. Therefore, it is critical that you have a good handle on Z359. The primary areas include requirements for:
  • personal fall protection arrest systems;
  • comprehensive managed fall protection program;
  • positioning and travel restraint systems; and
  • assisted-rescue and travel restraint system.
A compliant fall program is achieved by tapping into the best available resources and Z359 is the clear the best source of useful information for fall protection.

Don’t miss our when Dr. Nigel Ellis, founder of Ellis Fall Safety Solutions, will provide a clear understanding of the new fall regulations and how to ensure your ongoing compliance.

Learning Objectives
  • The history of ANSI 359 and the OSHA rulemaking process for fall protection systems
  • How to interpret the relationship between ANSI Z359 and the proposed OSHA rule
  • Ways to assess your existing fall protection program relative to ANSI Z359
  • How to establish comprehensive fall protection training program that addresses key components of ANSI Z359
  • How to implement an effective maintenance and inspection programs for your fall protection equipment
About Your Presenter

Dr. Nigel Ellis
Ellis Fall Safety Solutions, LLC

Dr. Nigel Ellis has been involved with tort cases for over 20 years and almost 1000 cases of very serious injury and death resulting from falls from elevation (including stairs and same level). This knowledge base has been woven into the company’s site assessments, engineering, consulting and training courses.

Dr. Ellis is a founding member of the ANSI Z359 committee that developed the new Fall Protection Code, which became effective in November 2007. His staff are qualified fall protection engineering, safety and training professionals, dedicated to the implementation of Process Improvement (going beyond safety to uncover the roadblocks within the process that prevents employees from working safely and using safety equipment when required). With over 35 years of experience, we have trained over 20,000 managers and workers in fall protection techniques and procedures since 1970.
Fall Protection: Tips For Complying With OSHA And ANSI Z359
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