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Fall Protection: Complying With OSHA And ANSI Z359 To Guard Against Elevated Work Area Hazards

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Fall protection should be a top priority for all safety managers. Consider that:
  • Falls are the #1 killer of construction industry workers;
  • 26 percent of the fall deaths in the United States are from ladders;
  • 34 ladder fall deaths occur annually in construction from heights of just 11 to 15 feet; and
  • 50 percent of OSHA ladder citations are from due to a failure to extend a latter three feet above a roof edge.
And, even if your company operates outside of the construction industry, there are many instances when workers must climb ladders, stand on scaffolding or powered lifts, or otherwise work at elevated heights.

Complying with OSHA requirements is just half the story for effective elevated fall protection programs. Savvy safety managers also embrace ANSI Z359, the national voluntary consensus fall protection equipment standard for general industry. Safety experts consider ANSI Z359 the benchmark standard for fall protection programs, and following the protocols established there, which build off OSHA requirements, can be a critical in minimizing elevated work area hazards in your workplace.

Join us for an in-depth webinar on how to minimize elevated work area hazard risks in your workplace. Dr. Nigel Ellis, a founding member of the ANSI Z359 committee that developed the fall protection code in effect since 2007, will share a proven approach for developing and implementing an effective and comprehensive program that will help identify potential elevated hazard risks, and consider and select the best and most cost effective control measures.

You’ll learn:
  • 10 ways to minimize elevated work area hazard risks when eliminating the hazard entirely isn’t an option
  • How OSHA’s existing regulations and the ANSI consensus standards apply to elevated work areas
  • How typical elevated work area hazards arise concerning:
    • portable and fixed ladders
    • scaffolding
    • mobile aerial lifts
    • manlifts
    • powered platforms
    • cranes
    • derricks
    • climbing work
    • open side floors
    • roof work

  • How to tell if your company is at a high risk for elevated work area hazards as a result of your current operations
  • Valuable approaches, programs, and procedures to address typical elevated work area hazards, including:
    • guardrails
    • personal fall arrests systems
    • covers
    • barricades
    • training programs
    • inspection programs

  • Effective ways to develop elevated work area policies, procedures, and programs—including training and inspection—to ensure employee protection and compliance
About Your Presenter:

Dr. Nigel Ellis
Founder and President
Ellis Fall Safety Solutions LLC

Nigel Ellis is the founder and president of Nigel Safety Solutions and has been involved with tort cases for over 30 years and over 1000 cases of very serious injury and death resulting from falls from elevation (including stairs and same level). This knowledge base has been woven into the company’s site assessments, engineering, consulting and training courses. Dr. Ellis is a founding member of the ANSI Z359 committee that developed the new Fall Protection Code which became effective in November, 2007.

Dr. Ellis’s organization is an experienced and qualified fall protection engineering, safety and training professionals, dedicated to the implementation of Process Improvement (going beyond safety to uncover the roadblocks within the process that prevents employees from working safely and using safety equipment when required). With over 35 years of experience, we have trained over 20,000 managers and workers in fall protection techniques and procedures since 1970.
Fall Protection: Complying With OSHA And ANSI Z359 To Guard Against Elevated Work Area Hazards
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