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Eye And Face Protection: How To Develop An OSHA-Compliant And Cost-Effective Program To Minimize Injury Risks

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About This Course:
March is “Workplace Eye Wellness Month,” which makes it the perfect time to assess your existing eye and face protection program, make any necessary updates, and publicize your program to engage employees in practicing safe work practices that minimize the risk of eye and face injuries.

OSHA reports that thousands of employees are blinded each year due to preventable work-related eye injuries. The agency notes that without proper protection, eye injuries cost over $300 million per year in medical expenses, workers’ compensation, and lost production time.

It’s important for safety managers to evaluate which jobs require eye protection. This means conducting a careful assessment and evaluation with the objective of designing the job to eliminate the need for eye protection whenever possible.

Equally important is your obligation to develop and implement an eye and face protection program that effectively protects and trains employees who must wear the required personal protective equipment, which may be complicated and expensive.

To ensure that you are properly addressing your compliance obligations to provide eye and face protection and keeping your workforce safe, join us for a webinar when Todd McIntyre, an expert on developing and implementing EHS compliance policies and best practices, will explain how to develop a robust and effective eye and face protection program that minimizes the risk of injuries and costly OSHA citations.

Learning Objectives:
  • The scope of OSHA’s eye and face protection standards and how they apply to your organization
  • Tips for publicizing your eye and face protection program during “Workplace Eye Wellness Month” and throughout the year
  • Best practices for selecting proper eye and face protection based on particular jobs
  • The key traits a comprehensive and effective eye and face protection program share
  • Training requirements to consider
  • How to manage the issue of workers’ contact lens usage
  • Documentation essentials for your eye and face protection program
  • Pointers for ensuring OSHA compliance with your program
  • Who should cover the cost of eye protection—your company, the employee, both?
  • How to evaluate whether workers are complying with your eye and face protection policy and established practices, and how to discipline employees for non-compliance
  • Examples of typical, and potentially costly, OSHA citations and fines you could face as a result of an OSHA inspection that uncovers deficient eye and face protection protocols
  • Key questions to help answer the important question of whether your eye and face protection program is really effective
About Your Presenter:

Todd McIntyre
Senior Environmental Compliance Manager
CyclePoint from SourceAmerica

Todd McIntyre is currently serving as Senior Environmental Compliance Manager for CyclePoint™ from SourceAmerica®, a nation-wide network of non-profit electronics recycling businesses that employ people with significant disabilities. In this role, Mr. McIntyre is responsible developing and implementing Environmental and Health & Safety (EHS) Compliance policies and best practices for 50 light industrial-type facilities around the United States. Prior to entering into this role, Todd managed compliance programs for Department of Defense installations.

Adept in training first responders and military personnel in HAZMAT emergency preparedness and Health and Safety best practices, Mr. McIntyre believes that a practical, “real-world” approach to compliance yields the best results for both the employer and employee. He serves his local community in Montgomery County Maryland as a member of the American Red Cross Disaster Action Team.
Eye And Face Protection: How To Develop An OSHA-Compliant And Cost-Effective Program To Minimize Injury Risks
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