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Evaluating For Skills Gaps: How To Use Training To Effectively Diagnose And Address Learning And Development Needs

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A vast number of organizations report having skills gaps in their workforce. Needless to say, if your employees lack skills that are required for their work in this ever-changing, technology-laden marketplace, the effects on the business can be negative. What's needed is a way to address what's lacking in skills and abilities while helping your employees to excel.

So how do you strategize? First, HR must take a look at where the skills gaps are, and then decide how to implement training and development to improve skills. By evaluating the skills gaps, you identify what is necessary to meet the organization's goals. Making this analysis will establish what you are looking for in training and development, as well as for future hiring.

Skills evaluations can be done on individuals and/or on the team or company as a whole. Whether a skills evaluation is needed may depend on a few things, such as when different duties in a job mandate learning new skills, or when poor performance is having a negative effect on production. Also, 21st century skills are constantly adapting as technology develops that can help the organization, or when it becomes a necessity.

Attend our in-depth webinar with coaching expert Dan Kurber, and get practical guidance and tips on how to address the issue of skills gaps and put your business on the road to success.What You'll Learn:
  • Determine where your company or organization is lacking in employee skills by looking at where performance is poor, or where new duties arise, etc.
  • Prioritize the importance of each skill based on its importance to the company
  • Envision what skills will be needed in the future, based on future projects or new technology, and use the knowledge in making hiring decisions
  • Measure current skills using tools such as surveys, interviews, performance reviews, or software
  • Consider whether on-the-job coaching will work better than more formal training for a particular skill
  • Decide whether you want to use a professional training company or in-house mentorship for addressing current skills gaps
  • Provide opportunities for employees to improve and encourage them
  • And much more!
Evaluating For Skills Gaps: How To Use Training To Effectively Diagnose And Address Learning And Development Needs
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