Energize Your Safety Meetings: Strategies For Engagin Your Team And Motivating Safe Behavior

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About This Course:
Are you putting your employees to sleep with your safety meetings or toolbox talks? It's time to wake them up-or the consequences could be disastrous.

There's a reason insurance companies promote regular safety talks and why OSHA loves them so much. When properly used, safety meetings can demonstrate your organization's genuine efforts to promote a safe workplace, and can educate workers on appropriate responses to unsafe situations.

The problem is that these routine assemblies often lose steam or lack energy and can easily devolve into a mere legality where all that's required by the supervisor or foreman is a signature of participation.

This approach can turn workers off to safety and thereby increase your organization's risk of serious or potentially deadly injuries. An effective safety meeting must be backed by management support and the appropriate training to equip managers with the soft skills necessary to deliver a compelling presentation.

Preparation and knowledge is always your best approach and is a great way to energize your toolbox talks and safety meetings. Whether your meeting process is stale, in the early stages of development, or has just recently been introduced, taking the time to take a careful look at your program may help you increase the positive contribution and prevent potentially devastating incidents.

Join us when our presenter, a seasoned safety professional who has helped many companies re-energize their safety meeting process, will show you how to evaluate your existing safety meeting process, identify opportunities to add new life, and suggest ways to redesign the program to increase involvement, visibility and benefits.

Learning Objectives:
  • Evaluate the impact an engaging, high-energy approach will have on your safety training
  • Tweak your safety meeting process so it engages participants during the meetings and more importantly, on the job
  • Prepare effective strategies that address the typical challenges to successful safety meetings
  • Involve supervisors-one of the key groups-in your safety meeting process
  • Incorporate proven "take home skills" into your safety meeting process to assure successful outcomes including how to effectively use games and quizzes, tap into employees' personal experiences, ask questions effectively to generate useful discussion, use scenarios to drive home a teaching, inject humor to generate open and honest communication, conduct role plays, use media tools, props, and demonstrations, and generate a strong "call to action" among employees and supervisors.
  • Identify and evaluate outside resources to assist in improving the safety meeting program
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About Your Presenter:
Steven St. Laurent, the owner and founder of, Inc., conducts extensive safety training and provides safety consulting services and program development services on a wide range of topics including "high energy" safety meetings. St. Laurent launched his safety training and consulting business in 2005 and has provided training and consulting services in over 30 states and internationally for projects that include customized trainings for large manufacturers, safety meetings, bloodborne pathogens, lockout-tagout, confined space, and more. St. Laurent also conducts supervisor trainings on topics such as effective communications and "How to Deliver Training & Toolbox Safety Talks that Don't Bore you to Death!" Known as the "Spanish OSHA Guy," St. Laurent has worked with companies across 30 states and also in Mexico, training people from 18 Spanish-speaking countries.
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