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Employment Branding: Top-tier Strategies To Attract Talent

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Does your organization have a brand? And what exactly does that mean?

In today's working world, employment branding is essential today to attract the top talent. Employers now need more than a good benefits and compensation package to recruit the best employees, there needs to be a perception in the marketplace of what it's like to work for their company, focusing on the culture, work environment, and employee value propositions that all matter to potential hires.

If your website is vanilla, the images basic and boring, and your company description could fit any number of similar organizations in your market, the employment brand isn't going to pop. While it can take time and effort to create an employment brand, the work you put into it can pay off. A strong employment brand will attract the top talent to your company, give you an edge in the marketplace, and improve employee retention rates overall.

It's time to transform your company's brand for the better. Join us to learn how to zero in on what's unique about your organization to recruit and retain top talent.What You'll Learn:
  • Appreciate what successful employment branding can do for a company regardless of its size
  • Team up with marketing to optimize this shared talent acquisition function
  • Evaluate whether your current employment brand aligns with your consumer brand-and whether it's recognizable and exciting!
  • Communicate your EVP and values clearly to potential job seekers through media, advertising, and social media
  • Reach a larger audience through marketing to attract talent
  • Personalize the candidate experience, differentiate from competitors
  • Reduce turnover rates by creating a seamless journey from consumer brand to employment brand to employee engagemen
  • And much more!
Employment Branding: Top-tier Strategies To Attract Talent
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