Employee Attendance Policy Best Practices

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About This Course:
High levels of absenteeism can impact productivity, service quality, and employee morale, and the costs associated with employee absenteeism can be astronomical.

From an HR management perspective, employee absenteeism and tardiness can be some of the toughest issues to address and remedy.

Learning Objectives

This training session will help HR professionals, managers, and business owners identify attendance issues and effectively address them through the implementation of clear policies and practices.

The content will address federal and state laws that may be implicated in dealing with attendance issues such as the FMLA and ADA, and issues such as the EEOC's position on no fault attendance policies, drafting and implementing telecommuting policies and the use of EAP programs in dealing with employee absenteeism.
  • Managing Attendance Issues
    • Identifying Attendance/Tardiness Problems
    • Policies and Practices
    • Strategies in Addressing Attendance Issues
  • Laws Governing Employee Leave Issues
    • FMLA Implications
    • ADA Implications
    • Workers' Compensation
  • Additional Issues
    • No Fault Attendance Policies
    • Telecommuting
    • EAP Programs
What You'll Learn:
  • You will be able to identify attendance and tardiness problems
  • You will be able to discuss laws governing employee leave issues
  • You will be able to review no fault attendance policies
  • You will be able to describe telecommuting and EAP program issues
Employee Attendance Policy Best Practices
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