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Drafting And Updating Job Descriptions: Why You Need Them, What To Include, And What To Leave Out

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Writing and updating job descriptions can seem like a tedious, and never-ending, task for HR. But, it's a crucially important one.

If a job's essential functions are poorly defined or outdated, it can be difficult to achieve full compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). This means well-written and up-to-date job descriptions are critical when it comes to recruiting, promoting, and classifying employees, conducting performance reviews, and providing reasonable accommodations.

Join us for a webinar with live Q&A when employment attorney Kimberly Klimczuk will explain how to accurately draft new job descriptions and update existing job descriptions.What You'll Learn:
  • Correctly and accurately draft job descriptions to define exactly what the job is
  • Separate the job description from the individual currently performing the job (the two can oftentimes be very different)
  • Use correct language and learn what to keep in and what to leave out
  • Review and update existing job descriptions-don't simply rely on older versions
  • Define the "essential functions" of each position
  • Use job descriptions in assessing whether to hire or promote, based on an individual's skill set
  • Create job descriptions that will support the interactive process when evaluating requests for reasonable accommodations under the ADA
  • Correctly classify employees and avoid legal issues regarding overtime
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Drafting And Updating Job Descriptions: Why You Need Them, What To Include, And What To Leave Out
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