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Do We Have To Grant This ADA Accommodation Request? The Analysis To Follow Each & Every Time To Minimize Your Legal Risks

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It may seem intuitive when an employer's obligation to provide ADA accommodations is triggered, but it isn't always so cut and dried. And if employers aren't sensitive to an employee's disability, they can get in legal trouble by not providing accommodations or even firing or demoting an employee as a result or partial result of their disability.

Recently, a court refused to dismiss a case brought by a deaf employee of an aircraft manufacturer. The employee asked for an interpreter to allow him to communicate more effectively with coworkers and to participate in meetings. The employer gave the employee written meeting notes and provided an interpreter for some, but not all, meetings and trainings. In allowing the case to proceed, the court noted that the ADA requires employers to provide a reasonable accommodation not just to allow employees to perform essential job functions but to enable them to enjoy the benefits and privileges of employment enjoyed by other employees, including meetings and trainings.

This and other similar cases underscore the importance of employers knowing what the ADA requires, and when they have to provide accommodations.

When an employee lets you know they need an ADA accommodation, you must engage in the interactive process to figure out what the potential accommodation will be. Stay out of the courts, and know the steps you need to take to analyze when you need to provide an ADA accommodation, and what is considered reasonable.

Attend our in-depth webinar with a legal expert on the ADA, and come away with clear guidance on how to proceed when hit with accommodation requests.What You'll Learn:
  • Identify the steps to take when an employee informs you of a disability that falls under the ADA definition
  • Ask the right questions, and know what medical documentation you are allowed to request, and when
  • Provide reasonable accommodations through the interactive process
  • Tell when making only one potential accommodation might not be the end of the interactive process
  • Provide leave if necessary, and understand what types of leave are appropriate
  • Recognize what EEOC wants employers and courts to consider as part of job requirements
  • Craft job descriptions that are specific so essential functions of the job are not vague
  • And much more!
Do We Have To Grant This ADA Accommodation Request? The Analysis To Follow Each & Every Time To Minimize Your Legal Risks
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