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Diversity Recruiting: Key Strategies To Hiring For Culture Fit

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We know the positive impact that diverse teams have on an organization, product, and approach to a challenge.

Diverse backgrounds and experiences ultimately lead to solutions that are more creative, holistic, and fully baked than those designed by a group of solely like-minded individuals. But how do we as recruiters open our arms to those who's workstyles may differ from those already on the team? How do we guide hiring managers away from 'similar-to-me' bias, and towards a 'different is what we're going for' mindset?

Join us for an exciting approach to hiring! In this webinar, Elena Valentine and Kristy Nittskoff will disrupt your thinking and approach to traditional hiring and address how aligning D&I to your business strategy and values is critical to successful and sustainable culture change.What You'll Learn:
  • How to create an inclusive hiring environment
  • How to brand yourself as a diversity-focused employer
  • How to build a diverse recruiting pipeline
  • How to remove bias from the interview process
  • And more!
Diversity Recruiting: Key Strategies To Hiring For Culture Fit
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