Curbing FMLA Abuse: How To Manage Manipulative Employees

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About This Course:
Many employers are faced with potential abuse and misuse of the protections afforded to employees under the Family and Medical Leave Act. Employers routinely describe compliance with the FMLA as somewhat or very difficult with respect to recognizing and rectifying an employee abusing FMLA protections.

This information will provide steps to take in preventing employees from abusing FMLA protections from employee requesting FMLA leave to when an employee is on FMLA leave and how to manage recertification. The material will include how to evaluate if the FMLA request is proper, how to determine if an employee on leave is being dishonest, and updating current policies to limit potential abuse.What You'll Learn:Overview
  • Brief Overview of FMLA
  • Challenges and Abuses to FMLA
Tools to Curb FMLA Misuse and Abuse by Employees
  • Scrutinizing Requests to Take FMLA Leave
  • Recertification and Renewal
  • Observing Employees on Leave
  • Medical Benefits during FMLA
Ensuring FMLA Compliance
  • Review and Update FMLA Police
  • FMLA Policy Posted
  • Update FMLA Forms
  • Self-Audit and Recordkeeping
Curbing FMLA Abuse: How To Manage Manipulative Employees
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