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Construction Stormwater Compliance: Are You Covered Under The EPA's New 2017 Construction General Permit?

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About This Course:
At any construction site, discharged stormwater can pick up pollutants like sediment, debris and chemicals and transport them to nearby storm sewer systems, rivers, lakes, or coastal waters, significantly impacting water quality. For this reason, the EPA, in compliance with the Clean Water Act and the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES), issued an updated Construction General Permit (CGP) that authorized the discharge of stormwater from construction sites, under certain circumstances. That 2012 Construction General Permit (CGP) is now being replaced by the 2017 GCP.

The new 2017 CGP permit has several regulatory changes permittees must consider when working on existing or future construction or development projects in order to remain compliant.

Along with being more streamline, the 2017 CGP includes changes in types of stormwater discharges authorized as well as specifications on managing construction waste on site. The 2017 CGP also makes additional regulatory changes that all permittees must be aware of in order to stay in compliance and avoid fines.

Join us for an informative webinar led by environmental compliance specialist Jennifer Hildebrand. She’ll discuss the specifics of the 2017 CGP, how it differs from the 2012 GCP, and everything safety and compliance professionals need to know to ensure compliance for all upcoming projects.

Learning Objectives:
  • The major changes made to the 2017 Construction General Permit
  • What types of stormwater challenges you can often expect from construction sites
  • The compliance risks associated with construction stormwater
  • Steps to managing a compliant construction site
  • Preventative measures to keep your construction site compliant with the 2017 CGP
About Your Presenter:

Jennifer Hildebrand
Environmental Compliance Group Manager
WSB and Associates, Inc.

Jennifer Hildebrand has been involved in the erosion and sediment industry for over 23 years. She has a master’s degree in Business Administration from Augsburg College, and specializes in compliance strategies within the stormwater market. She is a registered Certified Professional in Erosion and Sediment Control and a registered Certified Professional in Stormwater Quality, and a Certified Erosion, Sediment, and Stormwater Inspector. Most recently, she authored an industry-related book regarding construction site management techniques entitled: “Straight Talk: Strategies for Environmental Compliance.”

Ms. Hildebrand’s experience and industry involvement allow WSB to deliver excellence in environmental compliance to their clients. Her specialties include stormwater compliance issues, training and awareness programs, site inspection programs, compliance program design, and site plan reviews. She has made it her goal to educate and inform the public and private sector markets regarding stormwater compliance.
Construction Stormwater Compliance: Are You Covered Under The EPA's New 2017 Construction General Permit?
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