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Construction Scheduling Practices And Techniques

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Just as a bid is an estimate of the costs needed to construct a project, the schedule is an estimate of the time needed to construct a project. The first step of properly managing your project time is planning your project and then working your plan.

In order to manage your project using the project schedule, you will need to ensure that the project schedule represents your construction plan. Properly managing your project time also includes managing project risks, which includes managing added work, changes to the project, and dealing with unanticipated events.

The benefits of this webinar includes an experienced instructor who can provide the perspective of both the contractor, who is typically responsible for developing and updating the project schedule, and the owner, who is typically responsible with reviewing and accepting the project schedule and evaluating requests for additional time. We will also discuss how project schedules are used and misused to support a party's position.


Construction Scheduling Basics
  • What Is a Schedule?
  • Why Are Schedules Necessary?
  • Who Is the Scheduler?
  • Different Scheduling Techniques
  • Critical Path Method (CPM) Scheduling
Essential CPM Scheduling Information
  • Data Date; Durations
  • Logic Relationships
  • Calendars; Activity Dates
  • Forward and Backward Pass
  • Float - Total Float, Free Float, and Negative Float
  • What Is the Critical Path?
  • Constraints; Cost and Resource Loading
How to Build a Project Schedule
  • What Is the Baseline Schedule?
  • Planning vs. Scheduling
  • Development: Top-Down or Bottom-Up
  • Sequencing; Durations
  • Coordination; Recommendations
Updating the Project Schedule
  • Why Is the Project Schedule Updated?
  • How to Update the Schedule?
  • Progress vs. Revisions; Making Changes
  • Revised Schedules; Recovery Schedules
  • Recommendations
Time Extension Requests
  • Using the Project Schedule to Demonstrate Entitlement to Additional Time
  • Time Impact Analysis
  • Preparing and Evaluating a Request for Additional Time
Scheduling Best Practices and Abuses
  • The Project Schedule Is Project Management Tool
  • As-Built Logic Changes
  • Misused Scheduling Software Features
  • Gaming the Schedule
About The Presenter

Mark F. Nagata, PSP
  • Director and Shareholder with Trauner Consulting Services, Inc.
  • Focuses in the areas of CPM scheduling; claims preparation and analysis; and the review, editing, and updating of specifications
  • Has provided expert testimony on delays, termination for default, and damages
  • Certified Planning and Scheduling Professional
  • Certified Construction Documents Technologist with the Construction Specifications Institute
  • Involved with the analysis and presentation of claims on projects involving mass transit, government, military, education, high-rise residential and civil works
  • Co-wrote, Construction Delays: Understanding Them Clearly, Analyzing Them Correctly, Second Edition
  • Contributing writer on the Association for the Advancement of Cost Engineering International’s Recommended Practice No. 29R-03 for Forensic Schedule Analysis. The Recommended Practice is the first publication in the industry that comprehensively classifies all known schedule analysis techniques used by construction scheduling professionals to identify and measure project delay using project schedules
  • Award-winning instructor with the National Highway Institute and is currently presenting the following courses: “Use of CPM for Estimating Scheduling and Timely Completion,” “Managing Highway Contract Claims: Analysis & Avoidance, Alternative Contracting, and Principles of Writing Highway Construction Specifications,” presenting these courses to many state DOTs across the nation
  • Provides CPM schedule review and time extension review and negotiation services for the New York City School Construction Authority and the New York City Department of Transportation
  • B.A. degree in economics, University of Pennsylvania
Construction Scheduling Practices And Techniques
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