Confined Spaces Hazards: How To Limit Your Risks And Manage Permits

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About This Course:
Many workplaces contain spaces that are considered "confined" because their configurations hinder the activities of employees who must enter, work in, and exit from. Every year, hundreds of workers suffer needless injuries, even death, due to inadequate understanding of confined spaces safety requirements.

While Entrants and Attendants have critically important responsibilities, the ultimate responsibility rests with the person assigned as the Entry Supervisor.

Join us for this informative audio conference which will focus on not only the technical aspects of confined spaces, but on the very important Entry Supervisor responsibilities, including completing the permit process correctly, ensuring proper training for Attendants, and how to be prepared for rescue operations.

What You'll Learn:
  • What constitutes a confined space - and why understanding the definition is critical
  • The types of confined spaces and the procedures for entering each
  • The three topics that employers must include in confined space training
  • Determining the classification of confined spaces using the Confined Space Decision Chart
  • Evaluating configuration, physical, psychological, and atmospheric hazards in confined spaces
  • Identifying and controlling the three types of atmospheric hazards that may exist in confined spaces
  • Safe entry procedures for confined spaces - and why permit completion is so important
  • Responsibilities of Entrants, Attendants, and Supervisors
  • Types of safety equipment to use in confined spaces
  • Rescue procedures and how they impact the safety of Entrants, Attendants, and Supervisors
  • Why Lockout/Tagout is an essential part of confined space entry
  • The Fed-OSHA confined space regulations and requirements
  • The critical elements that must be included in a best-in-class confined space program
  • Overview of the new Confined Spaces in Construction standard
  • Discussion of the proposed standard: Discussion of NFPA 350 - Best Practices for Confined Space Entry
Confined Spaces Hazards: How To Limit Your Risks And Manage Permits
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