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Confined Space Rescue: OSHA's Latest Requirements, Safety Best Practices, And Common Mistakes To Avoid

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If your organization allows workers to enter permit-required confined spaces, then you are required by OSHA's regulations to have a written confined space entry program.

Even with a compliant entry program, however, entries into permit-required confined spaces don't always go as planned, and if you haven't properly prepared, things can go horribly wrong. Not only is the entrant at risk, but if your rescue team is not adequately staffed, equipped, or trained, the rescuers will be at an increased risk as well.

On average, over half of confined space fatalities each year are sustained by an untrained, unequipped would-be rescuer, and OSHA penalties for the lack of rescue services and compliant procedures can be stiff.

When a worker is stuck in a confined space, there are two options under OSHA's confined space regulations for an owner or operator of permit-required confined spaces to implement rescue procedures: either have its own employees enter and perform rescue, or arrange to have an emergency service contractor or fire department perform rescue operations. For each choice there are strict training, equipment, and procedural requirements.

Have you established OSHA-compliant rescue and emergency procedures for your workers or met all the OSHA requirements for contracting with an outside rescue and emergency service?

Join us for an all-new webinar with Loui McCurley, CEO of Pigeon Mountain Industries, Inc., for a proven approach for developing and implementing an effective, comprehensive permit-required confined space entry and rescue program. She'll explain how taking the time now to make the appropriate preparations will eliminate tragic results in the future.What You'll Learn:

  • Identify types of confined spaces and permit-required confined spaces, as well as safe work practices
  • Evaluate existing or potential hazards involved in these spaces
  • Review the specific requirements for permit-required space rescues
  • Assess your current rescue plans to identify potential gaps and strategies for working with outside resources such as the fire department
  • Establish a training program for your rescue team
Confined Space Rescue: OSHA's Latest Requirements, Safety Best Practices, And Common Mistakes To Avoid
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