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Compliance With The HCS Secondary Container Labeling And SDS Requirements: Strategies For Success

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About This Course:
The June 2016 Hazard Communication Standard (HCS) deadline has come and gone. While OSHA expected all covered groups—manufacturers, distributors and employers—would be in full compliance with the GHS changes, many manufacturers missed their deadline for reclassifying chemicals and authoring new SDSs and labels.

This means employers face the challenge of managing a HazCom program that hasn’t had a chance to catch up to OSHA’s effective dates for the transition. And, the reality is that employers’ HazCom libraries may still include some, or possibly mostly older formatted material safety data sheets (MSDS), due in part to manufacturers not having completed their reclassification and re-authoring work, leaving employers to fend for themselves.

With safety data sheet libraries (SDS), libraries are in a state of transition, that also presents additional problems for hazardous chemical inventory lists, workplace labeling systems, and employee training, which must include information about MSDSs and SDSs so long as both exist in the inventory and may need to be updated when SDSs finally do arrive to include any new hazard information that wasn’t previously associated/identified with the chemicals.

Join us for insights into what the standard now requires from a holistic perspective. Special attention will be paid to explaining the impact on labels and SDSs, what will be required in the near future, and what approaches to take for achieving cost effective compliance.

It’s time to sort through lingering confusion and master the difficult task of ensuring that your organization is in compliance with the HCS, which requires employers to update alternative workplace labeling and hazard communication programs as necessary and provide additional employee training for any newly identified physical or health hazards.

Learning Objectives:
  • Review the requirements of the now fully GHS-aligned Hazard Communication Standard
  • Get clarification on OSHA’s expectation for compliance with SDSs and labels
  • Clearly identify all of the HCS requirements as they apply to your organization
  • Identify current enforcement strategies by OSHA as explained in its July 9, 2015 enforcement memorandum
  • Assess the specific requirements for SDS management and in-house labeling of containers as they apply to your organization and how to meet compliance requirements
  • Determine exactly what is required to comply with the June 1, 2016 effective date for updating HCS alternative workplace labeling and additional employee training for newly identified physical and health hazards
  • Assess the specific requirements for safety data sheets as they apply to your organization
  • Perform an assessment of your existing in-house container labeling and SDS programs to assure that you meet requirements
  • Evaulate how the recent OSHA clarification documents and directives and other related regulatory activities effect present and future compliance strategies
  • Evaluate compliance strategies that will be most successful for you organization
About Your Presenter:

Melissa McCaffrey
Director & EHS Editor

Melissa McCaffrey is a director and editor for VelocityEHS. VelocityEHS, through its MSDSonline brand, is the leading provider of cloud-based chemical management solutions that help customers meet global EHS regulatory requirements (e.g. OSHA HazCom Standard, GHS). Ms. McCaffey researches and writes about emerging EHS compliance issues and is one of the originators and hosts of the company’s popular GHS and Recordkeeping webinar series, which has educated thousands of safety professionals on the regulatory activity surrounding OSHA’s HazCom and Injury & Illness Recordkeeping Standards and the United Nations’ Globally Harmonized System.

She is a member of the Society for Chemical Hazard Communication (SCHC) and a sought after speaker, delivering educational presentations across the country for organizations like VPPPA, ASSE, and NSC.

VelocityEHS offers a comprehensive, cloud-based EHS management software platform that helps businesses solve complex EHS challenges in simple ways. Its quick implementations, affordable solutions and unparalleled customer support make it possible for customers to reach their EHS goals faster. More than 12,000 customers worldwide, from virtually every industry, trust and its solutions to improve EHS performance.
Compliance With The HCS Secondary Container Labeling And SDS Requirements: Strategies For Success
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