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Compliance & Safety Culture Essentials To Keep Workers Safe & Minimize Costly OSHA Violations

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In a perfect world, an employer's human resources and EHS teams would coordinate their efforts to enhance workplace safety and health. HR professionals would have the time and resources to keep up with the latest occupational safety and health requirements and be well versed in the applicable state and federal laws and regulations. EHS professionals, meanwhile, would be familiar with the fair employment laws governing their workplaces and would understand how health and safety fit within the larger picture of an organization.

But, in reality, that is rarely the case. Too often, EHS and HR occupy their own silos and seldom exchange information and ideas-harming communication and creating obstacles to achieving best-in-class safety results.

But where and how should an HR department begin its involvement in safety? Should HR examine the potential adverse effect of productivity goals and quotas on workplace injuries and illnesses? Or should HR professionals confine themselves to managing the paperwork side of EHS-injury and illness records, written plans, and so forth-in order to allow safety professionals to devote more of their time to hands-on work? How involved should HR professionals be in the development of safety policies and procedures?

Join us for an in-depth webinar that will answer these questions and more-and examine HR's key role in fixing safety issues to minimize liability and worker injuries.What You'll Learn:
  • Gain an understanding of essential OSHA reporting requirements for serious injuries and fatalities that every HR professional should know, regardless of company size or industry
  • Learn the most commonly cited OSHA standards and the associated penalties-and how to stay in compliance
  • Become familiar with the essential OSHA reporting and recordkeeping deadlines and protocols every HR professional should know
  • Receive key information on managing safety for contract and contingent workers
  • Understand how HR can play a critical role in developing and maintaining a culture of safety in the workplace and gain the tools to get started
    And more!
Compliance & Safety Culture Essentials To Keep Workers Safe & Minimize Costly OSHA Violations
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