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Do your part by getting educated on the most common electrical safety mistakes to avoid OSHA violations, citations, and potentially devastating injuries to your workers!

Consider that for the past two fiscal years, three violations on OSHA’s “Top Ten” list have consistently related to electrical safety. Common issues involved problems with flexible cords and cables, boxes, and temporary wiring; poor use of extension cords; and using temporary wiring as permanent wiring.

Improve the overall compliance of your safety program and take a close look at the electrical safety violations for which OSHA is citing companies. By taking advantage of these “hard lessons learned” you can use the information to identify gaps in your current program and share what you've learned with senior management, facility staff, and your audit team.

During this in-depth webinar, the speaker, a seasoned EHS professional who has helped companies develop and implement programs to address electrical hazards, will provide an effective approach to avoid compliance mistakes and meet OSHA requirements. You’ll come away with a clear understanding of how to identify, evaluate and correct common electrical hazards to assure that employees are protected and the company is in compliance.

Learning Objectives:
  • Identify and assess electrical hazards, so you can take proactive steps to improve your electrical safety program and better protect your workforce
  • Analyze OSHA electrical violations — learn what to do so you don’t repeat the mistakes other organizations have made
  • Make the compliance connection between OSHA and consensus standards, such as the National Electrical Code and NFPA 70E
  • Emphasize electrical safety to workers during May, National Electrical Safety Month
  • Incorporate the electrical safety knowledge into your audit and inspection process going forward
  • Identify key elements of an effective and compliant electrical safety program
  • Adopt best practices for training, testing, maintenance, lockout/tagout and inspections— critical to electrical safety program success
  • Identify and evaluate outside resources to help you develop an electrical safety program that protects employees and is compliant
Learn best practices to prevent your company from making the most common electrical mistakes. Register today!
Course Details
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