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BYOD And Monitoring Internet Usage: How Far You Can Legally Go To Protect Your Company's Data And Your Brand

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We live in a data-driven world of emails, text messages, and videos, where both employees and employers are leveraging technology both in and out of the workplace to maximize collaboration and efficiency. The line between on-duty conduct and off-duty conduct is constantly becoming more blurred.

And, the continued reach of social media into all aspects of our lives has only magnified that further. From posting not-always work appropriate photos on Instagram to spouting off political opinions on Twitter, everyone who has a mobile phone can now be a journalist or a spokesperson.

These days more employers are allowing employees to communicate with each other using their own personal devices and methods of "offline communications" such as texting, personal email and social media, but at what cost?

On the one hand, businesses have a vested interest in making sure that they're properly safeguarding proprietary and confidential data and on the other, employees have privacy rights, too. If an employer oversteps with its electronic monitoring practices or in taking possession of a personal device, it risks liability for violations under the Electronic Communications Privacy Act, (ECPA), the Stored Communications Act (SCA), or other federal or state laws.

Balancing an employee's right to privacy with the employer's need to run its business can be challenging. With the rapid surge in the use of technology and social media in the workplace, the stakes in the workplace privacy arena are becoming even higher for employers.

Join us for an all-new webinar led by a skilled employment attorney who will provide an update on what every employer needs to know regarding hot issues in workplace privacy, so you can protect your organization's data and your company brand without interfering with employees' rights.What You'll Learn:
  • Examples of federal and state laws that bar employers from unauthorized access or electronic communications monitoring
  • How ECPA and SCA violations most frequently occur as the result of electronic monitoring in the workplace
  • The pros and cons of allowing BYOD-and the legal ramifications of both
  • How to ensure that your data security expectations are being met when BYOD is permitted, including the rights an employer can retain when a BYOD policy is in effect
  • When it may violate the SCA for an employer to access an employee's non-work-web-based emails sent or received via company equipment
  • How to avoid liability under the growing number of state "social media privacy" laws
  • And more!
BYOD And Monitoring Internet Usage: How Far You Can Legally Go To Protect Your Company's Data And Your Brand
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