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Best Practices For Near Miss Reporting

Webinar: ID# 1000543
About This Course:
A Near Miss is exactly what it sounds like: an incident that ALMOST caused an injury. And an injury can cost you thousands of dollars in hidden costs. Another injury on your OSHA 300 Log will also raise your Injury Rate, which can lead to an OSHA Inspection under the Site Specific Targeting program.

Correctly or not, many organizations chalk these incidents up to good fortune and go about their business, never taking the time to use these incidents as the wake-up calls they should be. But by investigating every Near Miss incident, you can identify and correct problems in your safety system BEFORE they lead to an injury and cost your company thousands of dollars.

Join us for this informative session and learn how to build a Near Miss Reporting System that works for your organization. By attending, you will learn essential clues to systemic problems within work processes and procedures or unsafe work habits that workers have developed. You'll also learn the how's and why's of capturing these events - and investigating or taking correct action before someone gets hurt.

What You'll Learn:

This session focuses on how to develop, implement, and maintain a Near Miss reporting system. It teaches you what to collect, how to effectively and efficiently collect it, and what to do with the information after it has been collected.

In this session you will learn:

  • What's the real definition of a near miss?
  • Is near miss reporting just the "safety flavor of the month" or is it something your organization should be paying attention to?
  • How to seamlessly incorporate near miss reporting into your current incident reporting system
  • How to encourage employee to report near misses and still make sure you aren't' setting your organization up for "tattletales" that can't be proven
  • Should you allow anonymous reporting?
  • Should you reward reports?
  • How to get the best use of the information near miss reports provide
  • Aligning your near miss reporting program with current best safety practices

Continuing Education Credits:

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