Advances In Fall Protection: Interpreting And Applying ANSI Z359

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About This Course:
ANSI Z359 is a national voluntary consensus fall protection equipment standard for general industry. According to many safety experts, it is the benchmark standard that has been used in many fall protection programs, including references by OSHA.

It is a family of standards that address a wide range of fall protection areas, including requirements for personal fall protection arrest systems, comprehensive managed fall protection programs, positioning and travel restraint systems, and assisted-rescue and travel restraint systems.

Since the chartering of the ANSI Z359 Fall Protection Committee in 1988 and the publication of the first consensus standard, Z359.1-safety requirements for personal fall arrest systems, subsystems, and components in 1992, there have been several revisions and expansions of the standard.

There are actually 19 subsections with ongoing development occurring in most of the subsections, one of the more recent being ANSI 359.11-safety requirements for full-body harnesses last year.

As most safety managers know, having an effective fall protection program is critical to ongoing safety success in industries were fall hazards are a real concern. Having an effective program is predicated on tapping into the best available resources and ANSI Z359 is the clear the best source of useful information for fall protection. Take the time now to better understand ANSI Z359 and incorporate recommendations that have been developed by fall experts over many years.

Join us when presenter Anthony Morreale, an experienced health and safety professional who has developed and implemented fall protection programs and trained many other safety professionals on how to create their own program, will provide a tested approach for crafting a fall protection program based on ANSI Z359. He will review key elements of ANSI Z359 and OSHA regulations for fall protection including all recent revisions and updates.

Learning Objectives:
  • Develop an understanding of the history of ANSI Z359.
  • Develop and implement programs for key subsections ANSI Z359.
  • Assess your existing fall protection program relative to ANSI Z359.
  • Determine how best to purchase certified fall protection that meets ANSI Z359 recommendations.
  • Establish a comprehensive fall protection training program that addresses key components of ANSI Z359.
  • Implement an effective maintenance and inspection program for your fall protection equipment.
  • Identify and evaluate outside resources to assist you in developing and implementing your fall protection program.
Register now to learn how to craft an effective maintenance and inspection program for your fall protection equipment and other compliance essentials under ANSI Z359.

About Your Presenter:

Anthony Morreale has more than 15 years of DOT, EPA, and OSHA regulatory compliance experience. During his career, Mr. Morreale has been active in training and consulting in both the private sector - including construction, automotive, manufacturing, auto and cargo transport, and towing operations - as well governmental and public sector workplaces, including the City of Phoenix Water, Public Works and Safety departments, and the United States Air Force.

Mr. Morreale was a senior loss control consultant for the New Jersey Joint Insurance Fund and is presently the co-owner and senior consultant for Tri-State Safety Solutions, LLC. During his career, he has developed training and compliance programs for a multitude of areas, including fall protection for construction and general industry
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