ADA And OSHA Compliance: How To Align Your Accommodation Obligations With Safety Regulations

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About This Course:
It may be your company that is required to accommodate employees with disabilities under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)-but it's often the job of the safety professional to understand how to incorporate fulfillment of this obligation into safety programs. If you can't identify your current responsibilities, your facility may be at higher risk for noncompliance with the ADA.

Case in point: Let's say you terminate an employee who has consistently failed to operate his forklift in a safe manner, despite repeated warnings and training. What you don't know is that a protected medical condition is behind the employee's poor performance.

You may be obligated to engage in the interactive process and work toward identifying a reasonable accommodation that allows the employee to perform essential job functions-instead of showing him the door. The mistake is easy to make, and it can cost your company thousands of dollars in fines for noncompliance. Making the time to learn how to develop safety policies and procedures so they align with the ADA can reduce your facility's risk of noncompliance and keep your employees safe.

Attend our all-new webinar to find out how you can best align safety programs with the ADA.

Our presenter, the former head of OSHA, Edwin G. Foulke, Jr., will teach you how to ensure you're meeting the ADA's reasonable accommodation requirements while keeping your employees safe.

Learning Objectives:
  • Identify new obligations for accommodating workers with disabilities as the ADA changes
  • Respond effectively when a health condition protected by the ADA causes poor safety performance
  • Handle employee drug and alcohol use in an ADA-compliant manner
  • Align key policies like return-to-work, drug and alcohol use, and modified work with the ADA
  • Determine when to go the legal route in complicated cases
  • Recognize when it's necessary to seek counsel from a third party on ADA compliance, and more!
We recommend inviting other safety, human resources, legal, and operations staff too-they will all likely play an important role in ADA and safety cross-compliance.

Don't miss this opportunity to learn how to accommodate employees with disabilities without risking their safety, or the safety of other employees.

About Your Presenter:

Edwin G. Foulke, Jr. is recognized as one of the nation's leading authorities on occupational safety and health issues and one of the top speakers and writers in this area. He headed OSHA from 2006 to 2008 as the Assistant Secretary of Labor for Occupational Safety and Health appointed by President George W. Bush. Foulke is currently a partner with Fisher & Phillips, a leading national labor and employment law firm. His firm provides legal advice regarding workplace safety compliance and strategic safety planning; whistleblower compliance and litigation involving the 22 whistleblower statutes OSHA handles; defense of employers responding to workplace health and safety cases, including OSHA citations; workplace fatalities and catastrophic accidents; and legislative and regulatory matters. Foulke is also co-chair of the firm's Workplace Safety and Catastrophe Management Practice Group.
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