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Accident / Incident Investigation And Root Cause Analysis

Webinar: ID# 1010188
About This Course:
The purpose of conducting an accident investigation is to prevent recurrence and not find fault. But even with a great safety system in place, there is always a risk of injury or a near-miss incident. When this happens, steps must be taken to prevent a future occurrence.

Unfortunately, many investigations stop short in identifying the true cause or root cause of the accident and then the accidents happen again; sometimes with fatal consequences. This detailed and interactive training session takes you through the steps of an accident investigation, shows you how to find the actual cause, and how to develop effective corrective actions.What You'll Learn:By attending this training session, you and your co-workers will learn:
  • The difference between unsafe behaviors and unsafe conditions and the leading cause of injuries based on the Bureau of Labor workplace statistics
  • Types of workplace hazards and controls methodologies to assess, identify and prevent accidents from occurring
  • We will review the difference between lagging and leading indicators and how you can use this data to prevent and reduce workplace injuries
  • How to conduct an accident investigation should an accident occur; gaining insights into interviewing techniques and root causal factors
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