Hazard Communication: Successful Strategies To Avoid One OfThe Most Commonly Cited OSHA Violations

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ALERT: Violations of the hazard communication requirements are consistently among the most cited by OSHA each year. Proper communication of chemical hazards is essential for a safe workplace, but compliance with hazard communication regulations has proven to be elusive. What mistakes are environmental and safety managers making that are resulting in enforcement actions?

Fortunately, OSHA’s Hazard Communication (HazCom) Standard provides uniform criteria for classifying and communicating the physical and health hazards chemicals may present. It is essential for environmental and safety managers to ensure that employees understand how to safely handle and use hazardous chemicals at work. This will protect the workforce from potentially catastrophic consequences in the event of the improper storage or disposal or a mislabeling fiasco. Knowing and complying with the HazCom standard will make your workplace safer and keep you off the enforcement radar.

Join us for an all-new webinar with Attorney Kathryn McMahon of Conn Maciel who will explain the essential elements concerning hazard communication to ensure you’re in compliance with applicable regulations while taking steps to minimize the risk of illness or injury to your workforce.What You'll Learn:You’ll learn tips and strategies to facilitate compliance with OSHA’s HazCom Standard, including:
  • How proper communication of hazards and labeling of containers can keep employees safe and benefit bottom line
  • How to prepare a HazCom plan, including what chemicals must be covered
    The requirements for maintaining Safety Data Sheets
  • Proper training practices, including who needs to be trained and when training must occur
  • What needs to be on a HazCom label and when “workplace” labels can be used
    Who’s responsible for HazCom compliance at multiemployer worksites
  • How to avoid many of the mistakes that make HazCom one of OSHA’s most commonly cited violations each year
Hazard Communication: Successful Strategies To Avoid One OfThe Most Commonly Cited OSHA Violations
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