Creating All-Star Safety Processes: How To Develop Clear, Concise, And OSHA-Compliant Procedures And Instructions

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About This Course:
Developing and implementing a safety procedure and instruction process that provides necessary information in a clear, concise, and accessible manner is one of the best ways to ensure that employees safely perform their assigned tasks.

It’s essential to make sure employees and supervisors understand exactly what is expected for safe job performance and that they have easy access to the information when it’s needed. Succeed at doing this, and you’re well on your way to reducing the risk of workplace accidents.

In addition to providing employees with clear guidance on how you expect a given task to be performed in the safest possible manner, safety procedures and instructions are needed to demonstrate overall compliance. Having well written and well organized safety procedures and instructions can go a long way toward demonstrating that your organization has comprehensive systems and processes in place that meet applicable regulatory requirements in the event of an OSHA inspection or audit.

Join us to learn proven strategies for developing successful safety instructions with a focus on ensuring that the procedural component of the program provides a solid foundation for all stakeholders including senior management, supervisors and employees.

You’ll learn:
  • The importance of clear and concise safety procedure and instructions as a critical foundational component of your safety program
  • How to develop a game plan for assessing where safety procedures and instructions are required
  • How to prioritize the timelines for writing your safety instructions and procedures
  • Different approaches and templates to consider for your safety procedures and instructions
  • How to communicate with supervisors and employees about established procedures and instructions throughout development, review, and implementation
  • Best practices for evaluating whether your safety procedures and instructions are well written or could use some TLC
  • Pointers on how to revise your safety procedures and instructions as changes occur to your operations
  • Various ways to document your safety procedures and instructions to ensure ease of access and demonstrated compliance with applicable regulations
About Your Presenter:

Joe Keenan
Senior Safety Coordinator
C Spire

Joe Keenan, a senior safety coordinator with C Spire, is a highly experienced environmental health and safety and human resources (HR) professional and management consultant with over 21 years of experience. Mr. Keenan received his Green Belt in Six Sigma/Lean Manufacturing in 2005, Masters in Business Administration (MBA) with a Human Resource Management Concentration in 2007 and Certified Safety Professional (CSP) in 2011. He is presently serving as President of the Mississippi Chapter of the American Society of Safety Engineers (ASSE) and served on the OSHA Voluntary Protection Program Participants Association (VPPPA) Region IV Board of Directors as a Director at Large from 2013-2015. Mr. Keenan has been an OSHA General Industry and Construction 10/30-Hour Authorized Outreach Trainer since 2002.
Creating All-Star Safety Processes: How To Develop Clear, Concise, And OSHA-Compliant Procedures And Instructions
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