Construction Safety Written Program Library

Construction Safety Written Program Library
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About This Course:
Our Construction Safety Program Library provides the safety director with thirty of the programs necessary to establish a written construction safety program.

The Library covers most of the OSHA construction safety spectrum, and includes the safety forms pertinent to each program.

Further, all of the programs are completely customizable, plus have the same "look" and "format", so developing a standardized written safety program is a snap.

What's Included

Your Construction Safety Program Library includes the following pre-written and ready-to-edit construction industry related programs:

  • CS 101 Overall Company Safety Program
  • CS 102 Hazard Communication Program
  • CS 103 Bloodborne Pathogens Program
  • CS 104 Eye/Face Protection Program
  • CS 105 Lock-Out/Tag-Out Program
  • CS 106 Respiratory Protection Program
  • CS 107 Hearing Conservation Program
  • CS 108 PPE and Job Hazard Analysis Program
  • CS 109 Hand and Power Tool Safety Program
  • CS 110 Working in Hot Conditions Program
  • CS 111 Accident Investigation Program
  • CS 112 New Products, Procedures, Equipment
  • CS 113 Marking Industrial Hazards Program
  • CS 114 Trenching and Excavations Program
  • CS 115 Medical Services and First Aid Program
  • CS 116 Contractor Safety Verification Program
  • CS 117 Assured Equipment Grounding Program
  • CS 118 Fire Extinguisher Program
  • CS 119 Workplace Back Safety
  • CS 120 Drug Free Workplace Program
  • CS 121 Supervisor Safety Program
  • CS 122 Safety Committee Program
  • CS 123 Scaffolding Safety Program
  • CS 123 Sexual Harassment Program
  • CS 124 Working In Cold Conditions Program
  • CS 124 Violence in the Workplace Program
  • CS 126 Media Relations Program
  • CS 127 First Aid Response Program
  • CS 128 Worksite Housekeeping Program
  • CS 129 Abrasive Blasting Program
  • CS 130 Portable Ladder Safety Program
  • CS 131 Mold Remediation Safety Program
  • CS 132 Fleet Safety and Maintenance Safety Program

Your program is provided in Microsoft® Word® &PowerPoint® via CD ROM, and is fully-customizable!

Construction Safety Written Program Library
Price: $495.95
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